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..The preferred latest edition of Windows for home desktop and mobile PCs...!Windows 10 Professional  is the operating system for  advanced computer needs. ******This is the 64 bit version...

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Works On any PC that meets Minimum System Requirements (see below for details)

  Full OEM Install of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

This OEM software must be installed on a brand new or completely reformatted hard drive.  It can not be used as an upgrade.

Contents of the Package:
-Microsoft Windows   Reinstallation DVD works on all brands of computers or custom built systems.
-The media is a  reinstallation DVD, but is FULL Windows 10 64 bit OEM Version and installs on any computer.
-Unique Product Key with certificate of authenticity which will validate with Microsoft

This software is 100% genuine and will validate with Microsoft. The software is NEW sealed OEM.******


free shipping!